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Medical Students and Newly Qualified GPs

Being a small city, Peterborough provides the perfect location for newly qualified GPs. The city provides a wealth of opportunities in a small area which allows for quicker career progression. The continued growth of Peterborough also means more opportunities will arise as surgeries are required to expand.

The full training programme for general practice lasts a minimum of three years. Training includes 18 -24 months working as a specialty registrar in a range of jobs in hospital specialties such as obstetrics and gynaecology, paediatrics, geriatric medicine, accident and emergency or psychiatry. Trainees then spend an additional 12-18 months as a GP Specialty Registrar in general practice.

There are a large number of GP Practices in Greater Peterborough that welcome Medical Students at all stages of their training and newly qualified Doctors into the Practice.

Greater Peterborough GP Practices also offer opportunities for qualified GPs to come and work under a fellowship. Fellowships are based on a model where primary employment will be within a GP surgery, with additional sessions in another healthcare setting, such as secondary care or out of hours, plus time for personal development. Employment will initially be on a fixed term basis of one or two years (less than full time) with the intention of future permanent employment.

If you would like to know more about medical student placements and GP Fellowship opportunities in Greater Peterborough, please email: