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Peterborough has the fastest average commute time in the UK, according to research by Direct Line.

Peterborough’s compact size and well planned and maintained roads and infrastructure make it easy to commute to work, whether you choose to live in the city or in one of the beautiful rural villages. Existing housing and stunning new developments are within an easy walk of the city centre.

Peterborough has a fast and efficient public transport system. The bus service is affordable, comprehensive and reliable whether you are travelling within the city or from the outlying villages.

If you need to travel by car the city runs a car-share service allowing you to find people who use a similar route to keep both costs and your carbon footprint down. A recent survey also found that the average Peterborough commute is faster than any other city in the UK.*

Cyclists can take advantage of the 45km of dedicated cycle routes that make up the Green Wheel network. Many major roads have cycle lanes, so it’s easy and safe to get around the city on your bike.

Peterborough is perfectly positioned for commuting further afield. The A1(M) is easily accessible and fast, direct trains run from Peterborough to King’s Cross (45 minutes), Stansted (80 Minutes) and some of the UK’s biggest cities including Edinburgh, Newcastle, Leeds and Birmingham.