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Environment City

Peterborough has the highest amount of green space per person in the country.

Peterborough has a long history of commitment to environmental change and sustainability. The city was first designated in 1992 as one of four UK Environment Cities along with Leeds, Leicester and Middlesborough.

Following this, in 2014 Peterborough also committed to an Environment Capital Action Plan, aimed at achieving Environment Capital status by 2050. Led by the council, local businesses have been encouraged to monitor and improve their environmental performance.

Much of the environmental change in Peterborough has been led by Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT). The Trust is an independent environmental charity helping to protect and enhance the environment throughout Peterborough and beyond, working with a multitude of communities, schools, businesses and voluntary organisations to deliver projects that make a real difference.

To find out more about Peterborough’s commitment to the environment, please visit the council’s website, where you can read the plans for achieving Environment Capital status and the reasoning behind the vision.