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Peterborough was named Smart City of the Year in 2015.

Peterborough has significantly invested in its technology over the last few years, recognising the importance of keeping up with the pace of technological change.

In 2013, the city was awarded a £3 million grant by the UK’s innovation agency the Technology Strategy Board to develop a smarter city of the future.

Just a year later the city implemented Peterborough CORE, a pure fibre gigabit speed internet network. With the new network, businesses can stay ahead of the competition with the ability to communicate up to 100 times faster than with traditional business connections.

Peterborough was also named Smart City of the Year 2015 at a glittering awards ceremony in Barcelona, attended by business delegates, entrepreneurs and city representatives from around the world. This award shows Peterborough’s growing position as a thought leader in smart and future city thinking.